Statement regarding crotus

Hello everyome,

I firstly want to apologise for what happened in the Crotus discord last night. I was asleep and couldn’t deal with it until I woke up this morning and say all the messages.

Firstly I want to thank everyone who DMed me alerting me off the situation. This is everyone from Molten Studios who was online and Madison.

For those of you that don’t know ryIN/Chiilld from the HCF community has been trying to ruin my name since he got demoted from our old server CynicPvP. He claims he was employed at Molten Studios and that is 100% a lie, but there was never any contracts or anything to say he was. There is no one that is employed by Molten Studios, apart from my self and the Director. Everyone else at Molten Studios is a freelancer who is hired by us per project basis.

What’s happening moving forwards?
Since the incident last night Crotus will be staff. Staff applications are open here, but we have also moved some of the people from other Molten projects over to Crotus for the time being.

Is it true?
No. I’ve never scammed anyone in my life. I have done loads of deals on MC-Market and have never scammed anyone once. I’ve been scammed loads of times but have never scammed another person.

If you guys have any questions please open a ticket in the discord and I will try my best to answer it for you.

Thank you.

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