xHCF ($10.00) – iHCF Fork – Sale Timer, Discord & Website – Easy to configure


Simple HCF core to help server owners get into the HCF community.



xHCF – The simple HCF core


  • All the main HCF Features (50+)
  • Conquest
  • KOTH
  • Fully customisable and configurable
  • Added /sotw enable
  • Added /ffa (Give players FFA effects)
  • Added staff mode
  • Staff Mode inventory inspector
  • Added the ability to enable/disable blocking up in combat
  • Fixed multiple dupe glitches
  • Added KeySale Timer
  • Added Sale Timer
  • Added KitMap Mode
  • Added /pv for kitmap mode
  • Added /tl
  • Added /lff
  • Added /timer to reset cooldown timers
  • Added /tphere, /tp, /tppos
  • Added /msg, /reply, /tpm, /sounds
  • Added /discord, /website
  • Added /keyall
  • Added /sale
  • Added /reset (To reset players stats)
  • Added archer speed and jump boost
  • Active and Friendly Developers


  • WorldEdit
  • ProtocolLib
  • Vault
  • aSpigot (This is required for the classes to work)

Test Server

Available upon request


JAR – $10.00

SRC – Not for Sale


If you would like to order before the resource becomes available please join our discord below.

Molten Studios Discordhttps://discord.gg/B8NMpWr

Other things

Terms of Service

1. You can not redistribute the plugin

2. You may not resell our service without our permission

3. We can revoke your license/service at any point in time

4. You may not decompile our Jar files if we create one for you, unless you purchase the SRC

5. You can only pay through our PayPal.me link/Website

6. You can not chargeback any payments you make to us

7. There is a strict no refund policy

Proof of Ownership

Thank you!


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